Do not Make A Blog To Make Money Only

As I told you, the blog you are reading has vanished from Google, why I do not know, I have respected all the rules. So, I am wriring it tonight, It is not to make money, but because I like it. When you write it could give you ideas, you feel more at ease, and more. Even if you do earn nothing, do it. Once, I had a blog about Dubai, but I do not understand why, I have deleted it, I am mad at myself, I had no reason, so matter what stick to your project even you do not make money, blog or else. Of course, I have learn from my mistake and I will not do it again. Have a good night to all of you.

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Invest your money saved on fuel

If you ride your bike instead of using car when unnecessary, you will same money. You should invest money in a business, or in something you like. If you do something you enjoy, you are going to feel better, and when someone feels good, he makes good decision.

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