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Making Money Tips is the best place to get to know everything you need to make more money for yourselves and your family. We will cover subjects like : How to make money and save money in general, Student loans, Mortgages, Insurances, Business plan and even how to plan your life for your goal, much more money in your bank account and for your personnal and financial wellness. So now, are you ready for a financial rise ? We hope so.

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Student Loan a hard time

$ Did you ever have problems to reimburse your student loan to a bank, I am sure you did or like me after all those years you have still some problems with the bank. I have ask to transfer my student loan to an other bank to obtain a better student loanconsolidation rate and 1 month after nothing has been done. I've decided to call a director at the head office and he guided me through that process. It is so complicated I do not have time to waste so I won't transfer it actually. I work in the Finance and Insurance field and they give me a hard time so what would be without my knowledges I can't imagine. So make sure you deal with a good bank when you shop around for you student loan because after that it could be difficult for you to obtain good student loan consolidation rates and it will affect your credit score as well. $

Insurance Glossary Annuity

Insurance Glossary.
$ What means Annuity : It is an agreement by an insurer to make periodic payments that will continue during the life of the annuitant(s) or for a specified period of time.
It is sold mostly by insurance companies but many type of annuities. for more info write annuities in the search box to access our Insurance Glossary.$


Credit Cards some tips to help you

Some Credit Cards Tips.

$ Do you have problem to obtain a loan or a credit card ? Here we will see what you can do to improve your credit

Don't delay to pay your bill. Pay it on time or even before. I forgot is not a good reason if you want to improve your credit score.That sound obvious so do it. No bill is too small, phone, cable, auto insurance premium everything counts.
Do you know that collections,even after you pay it off, will stay on your record for seven years.

Credit cards balances should be kept low.
If you use credit cards pay it off at the end of the month don't delay even if you pay partialy it will look bad on your credit score.

Don't ask for loans or credit cards if you don't need it, too many people think that it will help your credit but It won't. Even if you don't have a old credit history, limit your credit it is the best way to improve it.

Remember, you use your credit card it's not a game, it is your money and your credit score at the end. Using your credit card should be for necessity and not for fun.
If you do have several loans pay it together it will help you managing your credit and improve your credit score at the end.

Maintaining a high credit score is a pretty simple thing. Get only credit you needand don’t open credit for the sake of having credit. If you have credit, keep your balances as low as possible and if you do have a balance, make your payments on time never delay them. $

Travel Insurance It is very useful but you can save money

$ Travel insurance could save you plenty of money if you become sick or have an accident while traveling. That’s why most people get it before going on vacation. Like all type of insurance you have diffenrent type of travel insurance shop around.

Going with the whole family

There is policy who covers the whole whole family, rather than buying one policy per person. Doesn’t matter which type of travel insurance you’re looking to buy—emergency medical only, trip cancellation only, or an all inclusive
Compare travel insurance policies for your family.

So you travel often in the same year

Consider buying an annual, multi-trip policy. Multiple-trip policies means that for one annual rate, you will have emergency medical travel insurance coverage for every trip you take within the year after the policy is issued. Very nice for business trip and everyone who likes to travel a lot.

You are in a hurry to leave

Don't buy the insurance coverage already included in a package, it is too expensive shop around by yourself if you want to save money. You can get the same coverage and save money, and more buying it online as well.

You are going to travel by car so you must consider getting only emergency medical travel insurance and you should ask your insurer about auto insurance liability.

If you need all type of travel purchase an all inclusive package which covers each of these popular insurance coverages under one policy, medical emergency, lost of luggage, travel cancelations etc

Shop around and you can do it even online you will save money and have the best travel insurance coverage.

Now with a good travel insurance coverage you can have a nice and safe trip. $


Insurance Life Insurance is it important ?

Why should you get Life Insurance at the first place. Because Life Insurance is a necessity nobody should live without that it will protect your family in sad and difficult moment, your death.It
You may save money in your in your bank account and have other investments such as a house. But when you will die who will take care of your family.

Until something happens, such as a Heart Attack or an Accident, everybody thinks that nothing could happen to them but unfortunatly it could happen to anybody and remember that unfotunatly everybody will die someday.

You have a car insurance for and home nsurance and these are very important but Life is the most precious thing and when your family will lose you they will have at least something to help them out.

Protect your income, expend your financial possibilities while you are still alive and the most important thing, protect your family when you won't be there anymore. Life Insurance is one of the most important insurance you may have.

Insurance Glossary Annuitization

What means Annuitization. It is the process in insurance or finance by which you convert part or all of the money in a qualified retirement plan (see with your insurer) or it could be in a nonqualified annuity contract into a stream of regular income payments, either for your lifetime or the lifetimes of you and the other person who is your joint annuitant. But if you do that everything would be frozen in ice, you won't be able to change anything.


Insurance Glossary Annual Administrative Fee

Insurance Glossary.
What means Annual Administrative Fee It is the cost associated with administering a group employee benefit plan. You may have it in personal insurance as well in Auto Insurance, Home Insurance,Disability Insurance etc.

Insurance Glossary Claims Adjuster

Insurance Glossary.
What means :Claims Adjuster It is the employee of the insurance company who seeks to determine the extent of the insurer's liability for loss when a claim is submitted. Or It could be someone who works for an other person to help him throughout the claim process. They work for all insurance companies such as Auto Insurance companies.


Insurance Glossary Adjustable Rate

Insurance Glossary.
What is a Adjustable Rate : It is an interest rate that changes according to certain criteria. Prensent in Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance etc

insurance insurance Glossary Actuary

Insurance Glossary.
What means Actuary ; It is the specialist in the mathematics of insurance of all types of insurances, who calculates rates and other statistics to determine the premium of Insurance Policies and the risks acceptable according to the insurance Company guide line.

Insurance Glossary Damage Insurance Actual Cash Value

What means : Actual Cash Value. It's the cost of replacing damaged property or stollen items with comparable new property or item, minus depreciation. If you bought a new expensive tv five years ago, your tv won't be considered as new and expensive now, so you will receive less money that you paid for it because now this kind of tv is less expensive. It could be anything including the house itself.
The value of your object nowadays would be the amount you will receive for that.
You will find it in Damage Insurance Policy like You have it in Auto Insurance.

Insurance Glossary Home Insurance Activities of Daily Living

Insurance Glossary.
What means Activities of Daily Living in a Home Insurance Policy. It means doing any regular activities a person does in a house, like eating,walking from room to room,sleeping,taking a bath, getting into and out of beds,dressing, any common activities.

Insurance Glossary Life Insurance Accidental Death Benefit

Insurance Glossary.
In a life insurance policy Accidental Death Benefit means a benefit in addition to the death benefit paid to the beneficiary (the perosn who receive the money), if death occur due to an accident only. Some conditions apply.


Insurance Auto Insurance Do They Want You ?

So, you want to apply for a Auto Insurance and you want the best price,you shop around and ask for quotes and you think wow it is so expensive. Are you aware that some insurers don't want to do business with you at the first place, in fact a lot won't tell you,so ask before wasting your precious time. The Auto insurance company have what we call a market, the people they want to do business with. If your company want to do business with elderly people and you are young, they will charge you a very expensive premium, rather than telling you, you are not in our market. The Insurers prefer to specialize in certain field of insurance or with some groups of people, they are more at ease to have a niche than to accept everyone.
But it depends of the Auto Insurance Company,shop around and you find the one which fit your needs and save money.



Save money in cas of a bad luck get yourself a good insurance policy.

Insurance : Life Insurance Settlement Your Money Right Now

Do you have a Life Insurance if you do, do you know that you can sell it before your death, it is call Life Settlement, yes but what exactly is Life Settlement:
Save money for your old days.


Insurance : Auto Insurance quotes items to have in hand.

You don't want to waste your time while applying for Auto Insurance so have these items with you. How old is the car, what kind of car, the brand,
the serial number, what type of body,how many cylinder, how old was the car when you acquiered it,and how much did you pay for it, what kind of special features do you have : Burglar Alarm ,GPS,Anti-Starter and other Security Features.
So you won't waste your time while you sphop around for your Auto Insurance online, on the phone or in person and you will look more serious and well-informed.

Insurance : Car bargain

So you saw a big special on cars at a car dealer near your place yesterday and you think wow what a deal. You should ask your wallet not your heart for that one and look depply, does it spent a lot of fuel, do you have enough money to pay for it in the long run and more important, what is the cost of insurance for this car.
Car insurances may vary a lot according to a lot of criteria, so a good looking model which seems to be a truly good bargain could be a really bad thing for your finance at the end. For your auto insurance quotes, you migth want to call your insurer before to ask for a quotes about this car, to make sure you can affort the premium, especially if it is a sports car.Often, you can buy a more expensive car and without a expensive premium, you will have a better and more gilded car.
And now are you ready to save some money.


Insurance : Auto Insurance Quotes : the questions.

Having a good Driving Record is very important when you want to have an Auto Insurance Quotes, your broker or agent will want to know if you have driven safely in the past. You will have to provide your insurer with your up-to-date Driving Record and to honestly answer to all the questions ask by the auto insurance company. Questions would be like : did you have a car accident in the past 5 years(more or less), did you receive any fine regarding your driving, and yes, parking tickets count ! Do you have other auto insurances or home insurances. What kind of car do you own, how many drivers will drive the cars and for what reason (work,shopping, shcool)Where do you drive your cars (highways, streets etc) Your insurer will ask questions about your credit history (credit cards, loans, mortgage, bank account) etc ; to make sure you will pay your premiums and to know if you are a reliable person according to their criteria. Be prepared, so you won't waste your time and you will have much more time to shop around. Always give the same answers to every insurers.


Insurance Glossary Life Insurance Policy

Insurance Glossary.
Life Insurance Policy


Claim declaration process

The claim declaration process is
save moey in the process.

Finance : Insurance : How to choose your Home Insurance Broker

Choosing a Home Insurance Broker


Insurance : Insurance Glossary : Auto Insurance

Insurance Glossary.

Auto Insurance :

Auto Insurance provides protection from damages resulting from operating (not driving only) a car, what we call an accident. The insurance covers damage to the owner of the car and damages for which the insured is liable as a result of operating an auto. The Auto Insurance may cover anyone who operate the car and not the owner only but some conditions apply.Auto Insurance also covers damages and liability. The Auto Insurance is a Legal Contract between a car owner in general and an insurer (Insurance Company).
Knowing what the Auto Insurance Companies talk about will save you money.

Bank account

Bank account

Credit Cards

Are you able to apply for a loan if you don't a truly good idea would be to start off with a Credit Card or several Credit Cards.

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