Insurance : Auto Insurance Quotes : the questions.

Having a good Driving Record is very important when you want to have an Auto Insurance Quotes, your broker or agent will want to know if you have driven safely in the past. You will have to provide your insurer with your up-to-date Driving Record and to honestly answer to all the questions ask by the auto insurance company. Questions would be like : did you have a car accident in the past 5 years(more or less), did you receive any fine regarding your driving, and yes, parking tickets count ! Do you have other auto insurances or home insurances. What kind of car do you own, how many drivers will drive the cars and for what reason (work,shopping, shcool)Where do you drive your cars (highways, streets etc) Your insurer will ask questions about your credit history (credit cards, loans, mortgage, bank account) etc ; to make sure you will pay your premiums and to know if you are a reliable person according to their criteria. Be prepared, so you won't waste your time and you will have much more time to shop around. Always give the same answers to every insurers.

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