Credit Cards some tips to help you

Some Credit Cards Tips.

$ Do you have problem to obtain a loan or a credit card ? Here we will see what you can do to improve your credit

Don't delay to pay your bill. Pay it on time or even before. I forgot is not a good reason if you want to improve your credit score.That sound obvious so do it. No bill is too small, phone, cable, auto insurance premium everything counts.
Do you know that collections,even after you pay it off, will stay on your record for seven years.

Credit cards balances should be kept low.
If you use credit cards pay it off at the end of the month don't delay even if you pay partialy it will look bad on your credit score.

Don't ask for loans or credit cards if you don't need it, too many people think that it will help your credit but It won't. Even if you don't have a old credit history, limit your credit it is the best way to improve it.

Remember, you use your credit card it's not a game, it is your money and your credit score at the end. Using your credit card should be for necessity and not for fun.
If you do have several loans pay it together it will help you managing your credit and improve your credit score at the end.

Maintaining a high credit score is a pretty simple thing. Get only credit you needand don’t open credit for the sake of having credit. If you have credit, keep your balances as low as possible and if you do have a balance, make your payments on time never delay them. $

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